Design Philosophy

Different by Design

All of the instruments built here at Two Hands Guitar Company are unique in nature and design. They are completely engineered from the ground up, using only raw materials...except for the strings, truss rods and tuning machines. Each custom guitar takes approximately 200 hours to complete.

Like my mentor, Stephen Sheriff, I don’t follow tradition for its own sake. Instead, I study its methods and look for ways to engineer solutions to problems guitarists have encountered over the decades. By exploring next-generation possibilities, I believe I have designed modern, 21st-century acoustic guitars that not only possess greater structural integrity than old-school traditional instruments, but also produce a superior voice.

custom guitar design

A Sound All Its Own

Through carefully-controlled construction techniques, a good luthier can develop a “trademark sound,” so that all instruments built by him share an identifiable quality of tone. The choice of specific wood combinations with particular tonal characteristics can also help define that voice.

In developing my own trademark sound, I began from a baseline of modern acoustic guitar sound design that had already been developed by Steve in his own “Edwinson” line of guitars. Steve’s voice, in turn, has furthered principles pioneered by master luthier Ervin Somogyi. Standing on the shoulders of these giants, I’ve humbly introduced a few of my own changes, to develop a signature sound for Two Hands Guitars.

two hands guitar design
Two Hands Guitar