Two Hands Guitar Company currently offers two celestially-inspired guitars, the Solis and the Luna. These flagship models offer the player a deeper, richer and more mature musical vocabulary to speak the universal language of music. We will release the Venus and the Nebula soon. They are designed to offer the comfort expected from a smaller guitar, but without sacrificing the rich, full, bold tone you expect.

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Flexible Approach

Two Hands Guitars are constructed, in their standard configuration, with a 1-3/4” nut spacing, and a 2-1/4” string spread at the saddle. However, we can accommodate any changes you request. This flexible approach also applies to the standard scale length on all of our guitars, even within “multi-scale” configurations.

Ergonomic Design

Speaking of “multi-scale,” we offer optional fan-fret fingerboards on every Two Hands guitar model. If you experience wrist discomfort while playing, you may be surprised by the more relaxed, ergonomic wrist position this enables while fretting. Our system of construction allows for any configuration in 1/4” increments.

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