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Let’s Build Your Sound

There’s a great deal of emotion involved in commissioning a custom guitar, so I work to make sure the process is easy and enjoyable. I’ll be there to guide you through each step. Through a series of conversations, we’ll get to know one another. We’ll build a friendship while we build your guitar.

You can tell me what kind of sound you’re looking for, as well as wood combinations you prefer—for example, would you prefer Spruce, Cedar or Redwood for the soundboard? Maybe you'd prefer Brazilian Rosewood, Cocobolo or some other exotic hardwood for the back and sides? You can share recordings of your playing style, and we can discuss options to express it in its truest voice. Once I know what you’re seeking in terms of tone and personal budget, I’ll research and prepare a plan. It’s all about what’s important to you. Together, we’ll make it happen.

Get Your Sound Started

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Base Price

Two Hands Guitar Company offers simple, transparent pricing. It starts with a standard, base price of $5,500 on all models. That includes features I view as standard necessities that others offer as added-cost options: an arm bevel for extra comfort, and an integral sound port in the side of the guitar.

The $5,500 base price includes:

  • Mahogany, East Indian Rosewood, Ovankol (aka Shedua) back and sides
  • Mastergrade Sitka Spruce soundboard
  • Arm bevel (Ryan or Laskin style)
  • Upper bout sound port (bound)
  • Solid, one-piece Honduran Mahogany neck (w/2-way-adjustable truss rod)
  • Ebony fretboard, bridge and front headstock overlay (w/THGCo logo inlayed in Abalone)
  • Rosette (wooden center-ring with inner and outer purflings.) The soundhole has wooden binding also
  • Katalox or Ebony bindings with 3-layer wood purflings
  • Fretboard markers (Abalone dots with copper rings)
  • Fretboard and headstock are both bound & purfled
  • Custom made bone nut and compensated saddle, with bone, Ebony or Rosewood bridge pins
  • Hand-rubbed nitrocellulose lacquer finish (high-gloss)
  • Gotoh 510-mini tuning machines in the Cosmo Black finish
  • Evo Gold fretwire

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Options & Upgrades

There are literally hundreds of optional wood species upgrades for the soundboard, back and sides. Because the price and availability of raw materials change constantly, I don’t maintain a price list.* I have quite a variety of woods here in the shop, along with a wonderful network of reliable suppliers, so we can obtain anything you desire.

*I can always email a generic list with current prices when we begin discussions. Just be aware that there is a “range of prices” (even within the same species) due to the nature and “desirability” of specific sets of wood

Multi-scale Architecture - $950

Multi-scale architecture (or fan-fret fingerboards), is an option offered on all Two Hands Guitar models. If you experience wrist discomfort while playing, the “multi-scale” fretboard offers a more ergonomic wrist position while fretting. I can present suggestions, based on the model of guitar you’re interested in building, and easily generate any spread in 1/4” increments (for example, a 25” scale on the treble E string side of the fretboard, with a 25-1/2” scale on the bass E string).

Multi-scale guitars tend to intonate more precisely. They optimize string tensions, yielding superior performance. If you often play in open or dropped-tunings, I strongly recommend this multi-scale architecture. The longer scales on the bass end will maintain proper string tension when you tune down, and the shorter treble scales will give the high end some extra sparkle and overtones.

Body Cutaway - $650

I offer an optional Florentine cutaway on all of my guitars, giving the player an extended reach up the fretboard. It comes fully bound and purfled, just like the body, and it looks amazing.

Rosette Upgrade - $ask

Even though my basic rosette is beautiful, some clients prefer a more ornate design. We can discuss what you’d like to do, and then I’ll present a price reflecting materials and labor.

Abalone Inner and Outer Rosette Rings - $175

I can install two Abalone purfling rings around the center wooden ring on any guitar rosette. This visually striking, optional accent is one I absolutely recommend to my clients,

12th Fret Inlay Design - $ask

Want to customize your fretboard with a unique inlay design? We can discuss what you’d like to do. I’ll offer you a price based on materials and labor.

Deposit & Payments

With a non-refundable deposit of $750, you’ll be added to my build list. The deposit will be applied later to the final payment.

As we approach the time to begin your build, I’ll contact you and we’ll start some preliminary discussions. Once we develop a solid plan, I’ll request a payment equal to 50% of the guitar’s total cost, prior to starting your build. When your guitar is completed, I’ll add any additional expenses that may have been incurred during the build process, along with shipping and insurance costs. Then I’ll submit a final invoice to you. I request that all payments be received before I ship the guitar.

Please note

  • Mid-stream change orders will usually incur additional costs, especially if work already accomplished must be redone.
  • I’m required to collect sales tax on any guitar sold in the state of Alabama.
  • All checks must clear my bank before I can ship your guitar. Thanks for understanding.
  • For your convenience, I can accept payments via PayPal. However, you must agree to be responsible for the applicable fees.


I offer a 5-year limited warranty to the original owner. Full details of this warranty are provided within your paperwork, or can be requested at any time via email. Upon receipt of the guitar, the buyer has three days to evaluate, and if not fully satisfied, may return (shipping and insurance prepaid) for a full refund, minus deposit. Payment of the refund will be made immediately upon the resale of the instrument. Certain unique and personalized customizations may void the refund policy, if they render the guitar unsellable on the open market.

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